Divorce Mediation

A Safer Divorce. Non-adversarial and affordable.

John Millett, J.D. provides divorce mediation services through sound, sensible, and mutually agreeable resolution. Divorce is expensive and negatively emotional. Mediation offers a solution to a better and mutually agreeable divorce.

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Why mediation is a sensible alternative to divorce.

Divorce mediation is a voluntary settlement process used by married couples who want to divorce and domestic partners who wish to separate. Mediation allows planning their futures rationally and in an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect. With the assistance of a trained divorce mediator, you can reach a custom-made agreement for your family, your finances, and your future.

  • Mediation is entirely confidential.
  • You do not personally have to go to court.
  • Much less expensive than divorce litigation.
  • Minimizes the emotional impact on your children.
  • Improves communication and cooperation
  • Virtual Mediation via Zoom.

Need Mediation Advice?

We provide mediation services specifically directed at your needs and issues as they relate to your place of residence. We are certified in both New York and Pennsylvania. Video conferencing is available.

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New York at 518-608-6018 or
Pennsylvania at 267-756-7063

John G. Millett J.D.

Compassionate and Experienced Mediator

John G. Millett J.D., divorce survivor, and law school graduate, formed Safer Divorce and has been mediating couples since 2008. John helps clients create realistic divorce mediation solutions by building on the positive and delivering a mutually acceptable agreement. 

Divorce can be civil, and John works with couples and domestic partners in a calm, reasonable, and positive environment. Mediation services include custody and parenting scheduling, child support, and division of assets and liabilities. John’s goal is to avoid causing additional conflict in your life and wasting time and money. He offers a personalized, convenient, cost-effective, and court-approved solution to the traditionally painful and divisive divorce process to families throughout Pennsylvania and New York.


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What Our Clients Say


Safer Divorce was affordable, the process was straightforward and we were able to figure out exactly what was going to work for both of us.

— Anonymous client

John has been such a blessing in our divorce journey. He has a way of making everyone feel heard and appreciated. He was able to bring our once contentious divorce to a peaceful ending through his beautiful mediation process. He was very communicative and easy to get a hold of while we worked with him. His fees are very reasonable as well and well worth it. John stayed calm, fair, and kind throughout all our interactions with him. I would highly recommend his services.

— Anonymous client

John really helped make sure the best interests of the entire family were at the heart of all our decisions.

— Anonymous client


How to survive a divorce.

How to survive a divorce.

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