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A Safer Divorce: Family First. Cost-Effective. Complete.

  • We’re not a high-priced law firm or a do-it-yourself website. We're a full-service, cost-effective, personalized way to complete the divorce process. Sit down for a free consultation to see if mediation is right for your family.


  • Find the best path forward for your family in a calm, reasonable and positive environment. Divorce mediation is less formal and non-adversarial, designed to help you reach a mutually acceptable agreement.


  • Ready to move through divorce quickly and easily? Can’t find resolution with divorce attorneys? John G. Millett, J.D., provides neutral, sound, sensible, affordable guidance. Always putting family first.




  • "John has been such a blessing in our divorce journey. He has a way of making everyone feel heard and appreciated. He was able to bring our once contentious divorce to a peaceful ending through his beautiful mediation process. He was very communicative and easy to get a hold of while we worked with him. His fees are very reasonable as well and well worth it. John stayed calm, fair, and kind throughout all our interactions with him. I would highly recommend his services."

    — Anonymous client

  • “Safer Divorce was affordable, the process was straightforward and we were able to figure out exactly what was going to work for both of us.”

    — Anonymous client

  • “John really helped make sure the best interests of the entire family were at the heart of all our decisions.”

    — Anonymous client


Benefits of Mediation

  • Put Your Family First
  • Less Money
  • Less Time
  • Control Your Future
  • Less Worry
  • And More...

Safer Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation can help avoid an extremely lengthy process which could negatively affect the entire family.


Divorce Mediator Bucks CountyWe provide mediation services directed at your needs and issues as they may relate to your place of residence.

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