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Albany-New York’s Capital Region Divorce Mediation: The Alternative To The Traditional Divorce Attorney

  • We’re not a high-priced law firm or a do-it-yourself website. We're a full-service, cost-effective, personalized way to complete the divorce process. Sit down for a free consultation to see if mediation is right for your family.


  • Find the best path forward for your family in a calm, reasonable and positive environment. Divorce mediation is less formal and non-adversarial, designed to help you reach a mutually acceptable agreement.


  • Ready to move through divorce quickly and easily? Can’t find resolution with divorce attorneys? John G. Millett, J.D., provides neutral, sound, sensible, affordable guidance. Always putting family first.




  • “John really helped make sure the best interests of the entire family were at the heart of all our decisions.”

    — Anonymous client

  • “Safer Divorce was affordable, the process was straightforward and we were able to figure out exactly what was going to work for both of us.”

    — Anonymous client

  • "John has been such a blessing in our divorce journey. He has a way of making everyone feel heard and appreciated. He was able to bring our once contentious divorce to a peaceful ending through his beautiful mediation process. He was very communicative and easy to get a hold of while we worked with him. His fees are very reasonable as well and well worth it. John stayed calm, fair, and kind throughout all our interactions with him. I would highly recommend his services."

    — Anonymous client


Benefits of Mediation

  • Put Your Family First
  • Less Money
  • Less Time
  • Control Your Future
  • Less Worry
  • And More...

Divorce Mediator Bucks CountyWe all know divorces can be difficult in many ways, but they don’t have to be. At Safer Divorce, we believe divorce mediation can help avoid an extremely lengthy process which could end up harming your entire family. Many participants in divorce mediation end up a lot more satisfied – and with a lot less strain on their finances.

Safer Divorce is a divorce mediation service located in and proudly serving New York’s Capital Region. Mediation is an alternative to litigation and attorneys for residents in Albany-New York’s Capital Region counties including Albany, Schenectady, and Schoharie.

How Does Divorce Mediation Work?

In short, mediation is a conversation you will have with one mediation-lawyer. Not with two divorce lawyers. Using a mediation-lawyer, this approach is more cost-effective and allows parties to  avoid all the headaches and heartaches of a divorce both now and throughout the future.

In mediation, a neutral third party meets with divorcing couples to discuss how a divorce can be completed in the most amicable way possible. John Millett has the knowledge and experience of being a divorce mediator in Albany-New York’s Capital Region. He believes in a personalized and court-approved approach to New York divorce mediation.

Mediation is available to everyone before filing for divorce, after filing or even when issues arise once the divorce is complete. Don’t allow the struggles and conflicts of divorce occupy the hearts and minds of everyone who is involved. Family and friends included. Mediation will assist in resolving all issues, with a complete and thorough process.

How a Divorce Mediator is Different Than a Traditional Divorce Attorney

Mediation can lead to renewed communication, which leads to a better overall resolution. Safer Divorce understands the importance of conflict resolution when it comes to New York divorce mediation matters. In fact, John Millett’s own divorce was resolved through mediation, but only after great emotional and financial expense! 

Safer Divorce makes the process as seamless as possible, and we do everything we can to make sure our clients are satisfied. 

We know getting a divorce in New York can be difficult and it might be tough to find someone that truly understands what you are going through. If you are searching for affordable and reliable New York divorce mediation, contact John Millett for a free consultation.

New York’s Capital Region Divorce Mediation Service Area

Centrally located in Albany, NY, we proudly offer our services in New York’s Capital Region (Albany, Schenectady, and Schoharie County).

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