Impact of Divorce on Adult Children

how divorce affects adult children

It is well known divorce can have life-long effects on young children. There have been multiple studies and research papers on the subject. Even governments are aware of the scale of the issue. What’s relatively less understood is the impact of divorce on adult children. As divorce mediation professionals, we are often surprised by the lack of awareness on the topic, even among educated and well-read couples. 

Divorce by seniors, also known as grey divorce, has been increasing over the years, and therefore, more and more adult children are being forced to navigate it. In all likelihood, this will come as a shock to them. To make it easy for both parents and children, here are some tactics to help them cope with the separation.

How to Help Adult Children Cope with Divorce

Explain that it’s not abnormal  

Grey divorce rates have been rising constantly. Help them understand that while it’s not an ideal situation, it’s in you and your spouse’s best interests. The mental health and happiness of both of you are important and the decision has been taken with that in mind. Communicate openly and clearly, and importantly, as a couple.

Go through the financial implications

In some cases, adult children could be studying in colleges or could be otherwise financially dependent on their parents. Work out the financial situation beforehand and explain to them the changes if any.

Plan holidays

As adult children will be living away from their parents, holidays are when they usually get together, and therefore, are a special occasion for them. Since there are bound to be some changes, discuss it with your spouse first, and then explain to your children. 

Just because they are adults doesn’t mean they won’t feel the implications of a divorce. Parents should strive for a cordial and open conversation to make it as easy for them as possible. If that proves difficult, it’s always a good idea to seek the help of divorce mediation professionals. 

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