What You Can Expect In Divorce Mediation

As a divorce survivor myself, I can attest divorce is not a pleasant experience. Unfortunately, at times, it cannot be avoided.

Knowing the toll it took on me, when I was younger, I was able to develop my divorce mediation practice by reflecting on my own past. My practice can help you avoid unnecessary conflict and provide an experience that’s convenient and cost-effective.

Since it is such a confusing time for families experiencing divorce, I want to take some time to share what can be expected in the Divorce Mediation process.

We have all seen the dramatic scenes in movies.

The arguing. The Fighting. The Nasty Exchanges.

No wonder so many people dread Divorce. It’s thought of as a nightmare.

The Good News is that Divorce Mediation helps make the divorce process easier and more peaceful.

You Can Expect to Pay Less from Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation is a far more cost effective option than a Divorce Attorney. Mediation requires no court time, throughout the process. That means no repetitive hearings, court dates, etc..

Instead, you can expect a series of conversations where conclusions are met and issues are resolved. In a very thorough and concise manner.

You Can Expect a More Peaceful Experience from Divorce Mediation

As alluded to earlier, divorce is often portrayed as a combative event.

The Divorce Mediation process is much more relaxed, though. A simple, yet monitored conversation, is a more accurate depiction of the divorce mediation process.

You Can Expect Privacy from Divorce Mediation

With mediation, there is no public record involved. Since there is no interaction in a court, all of your information and conclusions are kept between you, your spouse and your mediator.

Why Do Couples Choose Mediation Over Litigation?

Divorce mediation can offer many advantages over the litigation process. 

In litigation, both parties hire attorneys to resolve the issues in a court of law. 

Mediation process saves each party:

  • Time – resolved quickly compared to pursuing the problem through the courts.
  • Expense – the mediation process will be less over litigation in terms of hiring an attorney to resolve an issue in the court of law.
  • It also saves the stress and hassle of having to make multiple court appearances.
  • The mediation proceedings are conducted in private.
  • It is possible to re-establish a positive civil relationship between the couple once the divorce process is complete.
  • Finally, mediation can ensure marital settlement of assets are acceptable to both parties.

Have Questions about Divorce Mediation?

John Millett has been Bucks County’s trusted Divorce Mediator for over 5 years. If you have questions, please contact John at 267-756-7063 or by clicking here.

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